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CSR Activities

CSR Activities

Sogo Printing conducts corporate social responsibility
(CSR) activities to help us become a company
trusted by its customers.

Every member of the company understands the Corporate Mission
and Management Mission, and conducts their business
from a highly ethical viewpoint.
We conduct our CSR activities as part of this.

CSR Activities

Amidst major changes to the environment surrounding companies and greater emphasis being placed on corporate social responsibility to meet the many requirements of society, Sogo Printing acquired one-star certification under the CSR Certification Program created by the All Japan Federation of Printing Industry Associations. Going forward, we will continue to conduct CSR activities, acting as the partner our customers and society need.


Declaration of Conduct

As part of our promotion of CSR activities, Sogo Printing will establish a range of Sogo Printing CSR Activities based on our Corporate Mission and Management Mission. As a more concrete embodiment of these missions, we have established the Declaration of Conduct, which we strive to put into practice everyday.

  • We will respect good manners and maintain self-discipline.
  • We will conduct corporate activities with integrity.
  • We will mutually cooperate with people inside and outside the company, and will strive for co-existence and co-prosperity.
  • We will work on improving ourselves as we target innovation, improvement and rationalization.
  • We will respect human rights and draw out the capabilities of other employees.
  • We will actively work on solving global environmental issues.