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Hyogo Plant (Hyogo Prefecture)

Hyogo Plant operates a paper packaging plant and a gravure printing plant, and manufactures packaging materials and package inserts for such as for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other products. Hyogo Plant delivers products that are environmentally friendly, and also implements measures against insects, dust, and hair, as well as disaster preparedness and other safety measures.                                                                                           

Hyogo No.2 Plant (Hyogo Prefecture)

Hyogo No. 2 Plant is a paper packaging plant that manufactures packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics similar to those produced at Hyogo Plant. It specializes in small-lot, high-variety, short-lead time production. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the plant is also capable of adding a range of diverse decorations and special processing to both the front and sides of the paper, enabling it to offer products with high added value.

Kanto Plant (Chiba Prefecture)

Kanto Plant operates paper packaging and clear case production lines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Its paper packaging consists primarily of packaging for pharmaceuticals and other products; its clear cases focus on high-quality plastic cases for cosmetics and other products.                                                                                    

Kyushu Plant (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Kyushu Plant specializes in web offset printing and sheet printing for a range of thin products, such as packaging inserts for pharmaceuticals, and instruction sheets and labels for general consumer products. The plant maintains strict quality controls, and possesses manufacturing facilities capable of efficient downstream processing.

Oyodo Plant (Osaka Prefecture)

Oyodo Plant produces a variety of packaging materials for pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and other products. It is capable of handling products that are difficult in terms of their materials, printing methods, and processing methods, such as E-flute corrugated products, special printed products, and special processed products. Oyodo Plant also releases its production data for use by other plants.

Honjo Plant (Osaka Prefecture)

Honjo Plant comprises a production division for upstream printing processes, a printing process for label sheets and instruction sheets, and a roll printing division for manufacturing a range of diverse roll products. Honjo Plant operates an integrated management system to manufacture labels for cosmetics and food, which have strong aesthetic elements.                            

Vietnam Plant

Vietnam Plant (Technopack Vietnam Co., Ltd.) is located in Ho Chi Minh, a city that is developing at remarkable speed. Focusing on cosmetics and toiletries, it produces and sells plastic film products such as shrink and flexible packaging materials.