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Kanto Plant

相互印刷株式会社 関東工場Kanto Plant

 関東第二工場 外観Kanto No.2 Plant

Kanto Plant has a paper products operation and a clear case operation where it manufactures packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Within the paper products operation, cutting-edge machines and equipment are used under strict quality controls to manufacture packaging for pharmaceuticals. Within the clear case operation as well, world-leading printers are used to manufacture high quality plastic cases for cosmetics and other uses. Having acquired ISO 14001 certification, this plant meets the needs of our customers by delivering environmentally friendly products and by implementing measures against insects, dust and hair, as well as disaster preparedness and safety measures.

相互印刷株式会社 関東工場 内部1相互印刷株式会社 関東工場 内部2相互印刷株式会社 関東工場 内部3

Kanto Plant
2-3-1 Okayamadai, Togane, Chiba, Japan 283-0826
Tel: +81-475-50-7415 Fax: +81-475-50-7411
Kanto No.2 Plant
770 Yui, Togane, Chiba, Japan 283-0804
Tel: +81-475-55-3181 Fax: +81-475-55-5061