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Universal Design

Color Universal Design (CUD)

Sogo Printing provides support for receiving the Color Universal Design (CUD) certification mark from the non-profit Color Universal Design Organization (CUDO), and for applying CUD primarily to pharmaceutical packaging, package inserts and labels.
Passing the CUD verification enables the certification mark to be displayed on packaging, which improves the level of customer satisfaction and differentiates products from those of competitors.

What is Color Universal Design?

Just like taste and smell, different people have different perceptions of color (color vision). That is why colors designed to be easily distinguishable can actually become the opposite, being more trouble for some people (color-weak people for example) to distinguish between and accurately pick up information. Even some people with normal vision may perceive color differently from other people due to illness or other reasons. Color Universal Design (CUD) was therefore developed to allow information to be accurately conveyed to anyone by considering color handling in advance.