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Hyogo No.2 Plant

兵庫第二工場 外観
相互印刷株式会社 兵庫第二工場 内部1

Hyogo No. 2 Plant is a paper products plant manufacturing similar pharmaceuticals and cosmetics packaging to those manufactured by our Hyogo Plant. It is specialized to meet small-lot, high-variety, and short lead time requirements, and manufactures high quality products under strict quality controls, with the same level of measures to prevent insect, dust and hair contamination as those used by our Hyogo Plant.
This new plant has also introduced state-of-the-art equipment for adding a diverse range of decorations and special processing to both sides of paper, enabling it to offer products with high added value.

相互印刷株式会社 兵庫第二工場 内部2 3

758 Kuroda, Tambasasayama, Hyogo, Japan 669-2726
Tel: +81-79-550-9025 Fax: +81-79-593-0358