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Kyushu Plant

相互印刷株式会社 九州工場 外観
相互印刷株式会社 九州工場 内部1

Kyushu Plant is a plant with efficient downstream production equipment for web offset printing and sheet printing a range of thin printed products, such as package inserts for pharmaceuticals and handling instruction sheets and labels for general usage.
In addition to insect, dust and hair contamination measures, this plant manufactures high quality pharmaceuticals packaging materials under strict quality controls, and works to achieve stable supplies to our customers.

相互印刷株式会社 九州工場 内部2相互印刷株式会社 九州工場 内部3相互印刷株式会社 九州工場 内部4
1423-12 Kamisue, Sue, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka, Japan 811-2114
Tel: +81-92-957-6033 Fax: +81-92-934-1016